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T12 Lab

The cultural association T12 Lab is a research agency founded within the district of via Padova in Milan and realizes projects of urban regeneration, creates public spaces and social inclusion through self-building processes inside urban communities. T12 Lab produces items of social and relational design with high-quality industrial waste received from leading international product design companies, through the training-work of deaf people, historically present in the Lombardy manufactory. T12 Lab involves professionals, technical tutors, students, active citizens in its projects and cooperates with public and private institutions, universities, foundations, municipalities that share its statutary goals.

The project Tunnel Boulevard was created and is directed by Elisabetta Bianchessi, the founder of the Association T12 Lab with the collaboration of: Pietro Grimoldi, Federico Marchini, Nicola Mazza.


Social Cooperative B-CAM

The social cooperative B-CAM carries out activities linked to the themes of social cohesion through a facilitating role that aims to promote collaboration between people, groups and institutions to facilitate the solution and management of problems in a participatory way. The tools used are networking, communication and social animation. Its goals are the growth of a youth leadership and the development of digital skills, cultural creativity and social animation. The activities are always created in network with other organisations: in Milan in the districts Via Padova (previously actions within the Laboratory of Quartiere San Siro followed by the municipal project Laboratory of Via Padova, the intervention Social cohesion 3.0, the design and management of QuBì Loreto), in Villapizzone, in Baggio and in the Milan area. It is also involved in training process facilitating the creation of groups, the learning by experience and activity methods.


Social Cooperative Comin

The social cooperative Comin is strongly rooted in the area of Tunnel Boulevard, as it is interested in the involvement of the inhabitants of the district in taking care of its public spaces. In particular Comin wants to intervene on the most cramped and degraded spaces that not only do not encourage meeting people but create real obstacles to the sociality and well-being of people.

This process of involvement of the inhabitants includes the most fragile people who need the interventions of the cooperative: in fact inclusion needs participation and protagonism of all citizens, but also the enhancement of the contribution that each one can give to a collective work. Finally, it is important for the cooperative the creation of bridges between institutions and territory so that citizens are involved in the processes of urban regeneration alongside local institutions in a logic of co-design of responses to the needs of people.


ComunicareArte Atelier Spazio Xpò

ComunicareArte Atelier Spazio Xpò is a no profit association with the aim of networking between international artists with particular focus on the urban art. It organizes artistic and cultural meetings together with the main public institutions in Lombardy (Municipality of Milan, Lumbardy Region, Province of Milan), it organizes performing actions with street artists and didactic workshops, collaborating in the diffusion of Muri Liberi – Free Wall, the network of the City of Milan-Department of Culture for Milanese street art, which was born in Via Pontano, seat of Tunnel Boulevard. Atelier Spazio Xpò is the promoter of the first street art exhibitions in Italy, with artists now famous in the world. In addition, the Association is a founding member of ATS Casa degli Artisti, Corso Garibaldi – Moscova in Milan, multipurpose center for art, artist residences, urban public art.

All photos in this website are by Zoe Vincenti